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      湖南至誠涂料有限公司現誠邀湖北、江西、四川、重慶以及云南地區總代理和經銷商,我們愿與各地區經銷商攜手共發展。 至誠,因有您的參與,而會更加美好,聯系電話0731-52862626。



          Technical center is established jointly by Hunan Zition Coating Co.,Ltd, Xiangtan University and Hunan University of Science and Technology with the former the main supporting unit of the technical center. It mainly engages in the research and development, achievement and transformation on the power coatings of new products, new formulations and film-forming material, additives, functional components and so on, it also engages in training employees in the work of the industry.

          The area of office building of technical center is 1500 square meters and there are five special laboratories to develop new products of powder coating. Technical center boasts a strong strength, which has not only experienced technicians, but also the technical support from international partners to ensure the comprehensive strength of research and development. Our company owns impeccable and world-class experiment apparatus for coating testing and application. Organization and production management are conducted according to the ISO9001 quality assurance system, which guarantees the stable performance of ourproducts.

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