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      湖南至誠涂料有限公司現誠邀湖北、江西、四川、重慶以及云南地區總代理和經銷商,我們愿與各地區經銷商攜手共發展。 至誠,因有您的參與,而會更加美好,聯系電話0731-52862626。


        Hunan Zition Coating Co.,Ltd is established in 1986, engaging in business of practical research and comprehensive development of powdercoating, concentrated the technology research、product and sale. Adhering to the philosophy of “profound morality and kindness, progressive pioneering work and innovation,sincere cooperation and faith, unceasing pursuit of excellence”, the company constantly cultivates the core competitive capacity in terms of developments.
        Zition Company has always been committed to researches of the technology, craft,development and production of powder coatings. Now it has thousands of recipes, hundreds of varieties, more than 10 scientific and technological achievements.The products had passed ISO9001 international management system attestation and ISO14000 international environment system attestation, covering mixed powder coatings, polyester powder coatings, artistic powder coatings, ultra-low temperature powder coatings and other series of multi-grade powder coating products. Those products are widely used in bridge building materials, hardware appliances, auto parts, aviation, shipbuilding, oil pipelines, electrical equipment, office equipment, wood and all kinds of heat-sensitive electronic components etc. Zhicheng Company ranks the first place in domestic market for its stable product quality, good performance and high-tech. It has established a mature sales network of domestic marketing, and won widespread praise and trust in high-end market in Europe by virtue of strong technical support and quality assurance of our corporation.
        The aim of our corporation is “customer the first, services the most”. The comprehensive marketing network of our company enables us to keep in close touch with you at any time to provide you with the uses and performance of products and services.


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